Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Step-by-step Process of Buying Your Investment Property

I've been trying to find a step-by-step process one can follow in investing in properties. What I will be doing is I will search for procedures in books, magazines and other sources and try to consolidate what I've been learning in this post. Consequently, this means this post will continue to evolve as I learn.

Below is a process one can follow in investing in properties. This is basically an outline. Details will be provided on succeeding posts which will also be linked to/from this post.
  1. Identify what you want to buy.
  2. Search for properties in your area that fit your criteria.
  3. Assemble your team of professionals.
  4. Educate yourself on the values properties in your area.
  5. Find a good deal.
  6. Negotiate the price and have your offer accepted.
  7. Do your full due diligence.
  8. Simultaneously, have your financed approved.
  9. Exchange contracts with the vendor.
  10. Take out insurance.
  11. Appoint your property manager.
  12. Settlement.
  13. Tying up loose ends.
  14. Post-purchase management.
Hope this information helps. 'Til next time.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Why am I starting a blog on Australian Property Investing?

I know there are lots and lots of property investing websites out there where people will benefit more from, be it investment property or something else completely different. It is not really my intention to compete with any property website for reader share or be the property guru everyone looks into for advise. I doing this to document what I'm learning and doing on a more public manner for three reasons:
  1. I learn better by involving more senses;
  2. Seeing this is a public platform, I feel the pressure to think about what I'm posting and make more research before I make it viewable for everyone's consumption; and
  3. I was hoping that you (yes, you reading this blog) will interact with me and join me in this property investing journey. 
So just read on. Maybe one day, we will see each other on one of those property investment seminars, trying to learn more about this terrifyingly exciting journey I am about to embark. So there. Let's begin!

Monday, April 16, 2012

I want to see Milo

It's been a really long time since I spent that much time with Milo. One recent Sunday, I spent an afternoon in my parent's house. As soon as Milo heard my voice, my lola said his tail wagged eagerly and he kept on barking, seemingly asking the people around him to let him out his cage. When I finally saw him, he barked even louder and never stopped until I let him out his cage. As soon as he is out, he sat beside me. He licked my hand as I scatch his neck (gross, I know).

For the rest of the afternoon, he was my constant companion. HE NEVER LEFT MY SIDE. He sat beside me as I spoke with my relatives. He sat by my feet as I ate lunch. He followed me where ever I go. He slept near me as I took my afternoon nap. And when it was time for me to go home, my heart broke as I look at his sad face. He was barking non-stop as I leave.

Dogs are amazing creatures. They love their masters unconditionally. Even if I have left him with my in-laws or my parents and have not seen him for a very long time, he still knows my voice. He could even recognize my voice on the phone. And every time I go see him, he treats me as if I've never left him.

I am currently reading the book Cat and Dog Theology by Bob Sjogren and Gerald Robison. And I thought, I want to be excited about my Lord, as Milo is excited about seeing me. I want to have that same desire to not leave His side. I want to follow where ever He goes. I want to recognize Him as He speaks. I want to not question Him when He seems distant. I want to see what He is doing. I want to be part of what he is doing. I want to be right in the center of His will.

Right now, I want to see Milo. More importantly, I want to fall in love with the Lord.